Friday, December 25, 2009

The Final Destination

It has been a while since my last post.

I've completely moved to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and moving home is not something everybody like. It takes me almost 2 month to settle down and alhamdulillah, my life here in Sabah has started.

I dont have so much time to post something here. But, there are some good progress on my dream.

Finally on 3rd of November, I've received formal offer from Norwich Business School. Yeap! There is where I'm heading. All the patience paid off, I've been offered a placement to pursue my PhD dream at University of East Anglia. As a bonus, the desired supervisor also give me his concern to supervise my research.

" Your period of study will commence on 1st October 2010 under the supervision of Professor Stuart Barnes and Dr Georgios Chrysochoidis and your period of study will end on 30th September 2013. The academic condition that needs to be fulfilled in order for your place as a research degree student to be confirmed is stated on the offer letter. "

As what written in the offer letter, I have less than one year to do some preparation, academically and financially. The excitement is speecless, yet I'm so grateful to Allah for this opportunity..

The first step has started, now is the time to get ready for a thousand miles journey...

Will keep my posting..

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I hate waiting

Since I've been involved in business since 10 years back, one thing I hate most is the person with a bad time management. I can tolerate if it's just 5 minutes late, but its really irritating if the person said he is almost there when he's just got out from home!

I've been waiting for my application for 10 days. It supposedly to be processed within 5 to 10 days, and the result will be email to me right after the decision made. I will wait till next week just before I flight back to Borneo.

Sit back, my mind boggling with uneasiness. Maybe something incomplete in my application? Is my supporting documents sufficient ? Is may background can convince the supervisor that I'm willing to kick my ass to achieve what I want ?

Duh... I hate to wait..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where's I'm Heading?

Another half of me couldn't pronounce it right for the first time. She even can make better joke out of it a day after.

To be honest, me myself is hardly to hear the name of the university. Even under Khazanah scholarship, its not the top 10 university after all.. But since I've made so many research about it, I came across of it few occasion.

Yet, I made the decision is because the supervisor that I'm hunting is there. He used to be at New Zealand but now even further at UK.

Anda I think I will make the right decision. Look for the supervisor not the university..

Friday, September 4, 2009

Personal Statement Completed!

It has been many things happened since I my previous post.

I has been a joyful moment for me. The prospect supervisor has indicated his willingness to be one. His advice is to proceed with a formal application.

Later I've contacted the postgraduate admission office. The reply is very helpful. Now I'm on my way to prepare documents for my formal submission.

Well, at least all has been done in one week and give a big relieve. Since Eid Fitr is just within 2 weeks time, I dont have many option other that get the things done before the festive mood started.

My personal statement has also been completed. Its not that bad. Its just I need to read more on how other people doing it. A mix and match would be the answer to create a good personal statement. Keep in mind that there is no perfect writing. The perfection only on rewriting .. Haha.... :)

My application also required to be supported by two reference. 2 lecturers always I have in mind all the time. Whilst asking for my peer to be the referee is the last resort, I've decided to get it from someone who are more senior in academia.

One responded well. I will submit the reference form ASAP. Other one still keep quite. Maybe he is in a hell of super busy situation since he is one of the finest research there. Well, give it 2 more days, I might have to find another replacement referee candidate if he still in mute mode.

I'm on my way to complete my research proposal. Will jot something right after its completed.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


For the first time, I'm initiating something that out of my comfort zone. Mean I have started to contact people for some assistance.

It goes like below. Tell me what you think ...

Dear Prof SJ Barnes,

My name is xxxx from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I'm planning to
pursue my PhD looking for suitable supervisor for my research.

I have been in local SME consulting industry in Malaysia for almost 7
years. Particularly, my domain is on new media implementation for SME
specifically on adoption and implementation. Throughout my 3 years
experience in implementing mobile marketing, I have found a slow
adoption among SMEs. This come as a surprise since the mobile phone
penetration in Malaysia is high (more than 90%) and the SMS usage
among the highest in Asia Pacific region. Yet the SMEs to manipulate
the huge mobile phone users to increase their sales.

Malaysia as a role model of Islamic country, the research will
contribute widely to the adoption of mobile marketing in other
country. As far as Middle East concern, the mobile marketing prospect
in that region is very much much promising.

Your reputation, research and journals in mobile communications has
assist me vastly to understand deeper on the subject. I'm looking
forward to do more extensive research on this at the same time looking
for a placement and a possibility for you to be my PhD supervisor.

I am looking forward for a favorable reply from you.

Thank you.


Local Solution

Its a 14th day of puasa... time flies

I have a list of supervisor candidate for my research. While I'm working on my research proposal, I started to consider a local supervisor.

I have found one north there.. But, going back to Sintok is my final resort.. I need to change my horizon.

Going down south, another probable candidate. Yet I have to do more research on him.

I also have found a new journal @ local u @ MMU. Again thanks to the access sis!

Wish me luck!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Finding Supervisor

This is a not really hard work after all!

I've been reading so many journal about mobile communications. Happened to be the same name appeared almost once in 10 journal that I've read. Its a straight forward deal then.

What I have to do next is just googled the net on the particular supervisor, get the institution he's serving for, and do some research on his research interest. If it suit well, just send them an email then.. and wait for the reply.